Daniel Trudeau

Daniel was born June 28, 1979 in West Palm Beach, Florida. Daniel has a twin sister, Desiree and an older brother, Shane. Daniel was a happy child and extremely active throughout his life from the start. We knew at an early age he was very social and bright. From the beginning of his elementary and throughout his high school years he became very popular among teachers and his classmates and participated in many school activities. He was very involved in church activities as well and earned the highest award in the Royal Ranger Program, the “Gold Medal of Achievement Award” at Trinity Church International in Lake Worth, Florida. He won second place in the Southeast Regional competition for “Ranger of the Year” at the age of 13. His room was filled with many awards and trophies from all his competitions won and badges earned. Daniel loved to fish and loved anything to do with the outdoors. There wasn’t anything he participated in that he didn’t do extremely well.

Daniel attended Santaluces High School in Lantana, Florida where he participated in the wrestling program and became one of the most recognized high school wrestlers in Palm Beach County. He graduated in 1997 in the top 25% of his class. He was attending his first year of college at Palm Beach Community College while working at Motorola. He was to attend Florida State University where he had been accepted for the remainder of his college career majoring in computer science and engineering.

More important than all the awards earned and competitions won, was the person he was. As our son, we were blessed and honored that he was ours and can’t imagine the rest of our lives without him. He was someone special to know and his heart was to be a friend to all that knew him. In his last breath he gave a lifetime to people he didn’t even know by being an organ donor. It was his decision long before his death. It was a decision made on his own and one we will forever be proud of. As parents we often feel we teach our children what they know and how they grow by being the greatest influence in their lives but in our case we learned so much from a young man who will always be loved and remembered as someone who taught us more than we could teach and be with us in our hearts forever. Our greatest hope through all our sorrow is knowing we will one day see our son again and it will be forever. Not one day that passes since Daniel died is he not remembered as someone very special to all who knew him. It is with great love and honor we write this memorial to our son, Daniel.

At Santaluces High School where Daniel graduated is a memorial to him that was displayed in the trophy cabinet for the history of the high school. On Clematis Street in West Palm Beach, Florida is also an engraved brick in his memory. In 1997 a “Daniel Trudeau Memorial Scholarship” was established in his memory to give $1,000.00 each year to a Santaluces High School student who meets the academic and athletic qualifications.

On December 15, 1997 Daniel died as a result of a car accident, he was 18 years old. It has been the greatest sorrow of our lives. In Daniel’s memory may his life be a reflection of love from our hearts to others. We hold him close, cherish every memory and surround him with our love.

 Forever Remembered and Never Forgotten,

Michael and Gloria Trudeau

Shane and Desiree