Austin Havass
Scholar Coordinator

Austin Havass is a dynamic educator, mentor and communication specialist deeply committed to empowering students and amplifying diverse voices. Born and raised in South Florida within a Panamanian American household, Austin’s roots are firmly grounded in the vibrant and diverse community of the region. He is also an active alumnus of Florida Atlantic University, where he completed his Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies in 2021 and his Master of Arts in Communication Studies in 2023, where he specialized in intercultural communication.

Previously, Austin served as a Youth Care Worker and Advocate towards assisting in the caretaking and reunification of unaccompanied migrant children with families or sponsors within the United States. Fueled with a passion for community and advocacy advancement, Austin served as a Classroom Instructor at Florida Atlantic University from 2021 to 2023, where he passionately shared his expertise in communication, fostering understanding, and collaboration among diverse groups of students. He taught several collegiate-level courses, including an innovative Public Speaking course that encouraged students to self-actualize and confidently address issues that matter to them. His passion for selfless service, community outreach, and advocacy shines through in his work, as he consistently seeks to empower people and students to utilize their voice to become influential and proud contributors to their communities and beyond.

Now, as a Scholar Coordinator for the George Snow Scholarship Fund, Austin Havass continues to build on his mentoring experience while playing a crucial role in identifying and supporting scholars. He remains dedicated to fostering community involvement and outreach, utilizing his South Florida upbringing as a source of inspiration for his commitment to ensuring that unique and diverse voices are not just heard but celebrated within the academic community. Austin’s deep connection to unity and diversity fuels his advocacy and his unwavering commitment to empowering others, amplifying voices, and promoting change.