Jason Parks

Graduated Cum Laude at Berklee College of Music, Class of 2011

CEO/ Founder of ROTU Entertainment & Media, Ltd.


Jason Parks is an award-winning producer for live performances, visual media, and virtual reality content. He has produced several sold-out live shows at Boston Symphony Hall, Hatchell (Esplanade), Boston Commons, and many other locations, managing hundreds of international artists & entertainment professionals.
He has produced several viral philanthropic music videos and documentaries including Mercury Uprising, All for Van, and Anthem for the World. Parks continues to be a unique voice in the VR/AR community, and we aren’t the only ones proud of Park’s accomplishments! Jason has also been a special guest speaker at MIT, Berklee College of Music, USC, U Climatica, and several other organizations with a focus on Virtual Reality. In addition to all that, he has provided a live broadcast interview with VRscout, GINX E-Sports, and other major communication outlets.
Keep an eye out for “Rhythm of the Universe VR”. A VR game currently in production with a playable demo seen at mega trade shows including, CES, PAX, AWE.


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