Jean-Marc Casanave

On January 9, 2016 I lost a great friend in Jean-Marc Casanave.

His passing has left a huge void in my heart and the hearts of so many.

I was drawn to Jean-Marc for many reasons, it was easy to be drawn to him. His sense of humor was always on and in play, he saw the comedy in everyday life that so many of us miss, seeing the world through his eyes made time with him a joy. Jean-Marc had a huge and thoughtful heart.

The thing that I admired most about Jean-Marc was his love of the Lord. One memory of Jean-Marc that I will always cherish was a time just before I was to be admitted into the hospital for a procedure, he stopped by my office unannounced. He asked if he could sit and pray for me. Our time that day was filled with peace and the warm feeling that is hard to describe. When he left I knew that everything was going to be fine and that I had a true friend by my side. Jean-Marc would go to the hospital and pray with people he did not know. He had a knowledge of the scripture and ability to recall just the right passage at just the right time. He amazed me that way.

Those of us who danced in Ballroom Battle will remember his pre-show prayer, where everyone would gather around him backstage and hold hands. He would, in the most sensitive way and always mindful that others might not share his faith, speak a prayer of encouragement and love. I will miss so much about him: his bear hugs, his laugh, his smile… One thing I do know is that I am a better person because of my time with him. For that I am grateful. I get comfort only through the knowledge that he is with the Lord and that God is getting that same bear hug I am going to miss so dearly…. Rest in Peace my friend.

Tim Snow