Mind Over Matter Mental Health Awareness Scholarship

Why have a focus on mental health? 

Mental health has notoriously been a taboo topic, but the days of sweeping it under the rug are over. The creator of this scholarship, Christina Fuentes, has Bipolar Disorder and understands first hand the severe impacts that living with a mental health condition has on an individual’s life. Christina's goal is to be there for her scholarship recipients so they have someone they can relate to, doubling as an example to show that you can live a successful, fulfilling life while living with a disorder. To quote her 2021 scholarship recipient Lindsay Putney, she wants it to be clear that, “Just because you have a disability does not mean you don’t have ABILITY.”

If you are unfamiliar with Bipolar Disorder or are curious about the wide ranging types of mental health conditions, please click below.

Going above and beyond traditional scholarships 

An additional reason this scholarship was created was because Christina received scholarships offered through the George Snow Scholarship Fund (GSSF) when pursuing college. She would not have been able to attend college otherwise due to the poverty she faced in her younger years. Because she received a scholarship through GSSF, she decided to create her scholarship as a subset of this organization. Thanks to this relationship, her scholarship recipients double as Snow Scholars, enabling them to receive more than financial aid, but also multiple resources from therapy assistance and financial education to career development resources, introductions to local business owners and professionals, mock interviews to practice for the interviews they’ll attend to enter their field upon graduation, an emergency fund in case something arises where financial help is needed to overcome the problem at hand, and much more.

Scholarship eligibility

There is no minimum GPA requirement, nor minimum SAT or ACT test score needed to receive this scholarship. Instead, this scholarship is specifically for students experiencing severe financial need that may prevent them from attending college, in addition to living with a mental health disorder. Background details and an essay must be completed so we can truly get to know the student applying. Following application submission, there is an interview round to gain further insight on the applicant before we grant the scholarship. Please note: Only high school seniors attending a High School in Palm Beach County, Blanche Ely High School or Pompano Beach High School are eligible to apply to this scholarship. We are planning for expansion in the coming years, but do not have the resources today to provide this scholarship beyond the noted demographic areas.

Share the link below with a high school senior you know so they can create an account to apply to become a Snow Scholar and recipient of this scholarship.

Scholarship timelines 

November 1: Applications Open

February 1: Applications Close

March 30: Email Notifications for Interview Scheduling are sent

Between April and May: Interviews are Conducted

TBD: Award Notification

TBD: Scholar Orientation and Annual Awards Reception

The scholarship creator 

Although she’s been briefly mentioned throughout this page, here’s some additional background to fully understand who Christina Fuentes is. She was born and raised in Delray Beach, Florida and attended Florida Atlantic University where she received a Bachelors in Business Administration. She currently works as a Commercial Systems BSA in the Revenue Operations department of an identity verification company named Socure. She also serves as a board member at the George Snow Scholarship Fund in order to assist in shaping the future of both the fund and the resources recipients of their scholarships, such as this one, will receive. She didn’t know she had a mental health condition until she was 25. After lots of research, she was shocked to discover that millions of people develop these disorders at a much younger age, with some of her scholarship recipients having dealt with anxiety disorders since they were 12 years old. With this said, it’s her passion to help these types of students attend college.


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