Mind Over Matter Mental Health Awareness Scholarship

Why have a focus on mental health?

Mental health has notoriously been a taboo topic, but the days of sweeping it under the rug are over. The creator of this scholarship, Christina Fuentes, a George Snow board member and alum, understands first hand the impacts of living with a mental health condition. She has created this scholarship to give back to the community she grew up in while simultaneously bringing awareness to the topic of mental health.

Many high schoolers with a mental health condition feel alone, worrisome about their future, and scared that their condition will create blocks in their path that will prevent them from being able to reach their goals in life.

The goal of this scholarship, outside of giving students funds for their schooling, is to remind recipients that they can live their best life even while living with a disorder. To quote the MOMMHA 2021 scholarship recipient Lindsay Putney, we want it to be clear that, “Just because you have a disability does not mean you don’t have ABILITY.”

If you are curious about the wide ranging types of mental health conditions and their effects, click the button below.

Going above and beyond traditional scholarships

This scholarship has been created as a subset of the George Snow Scholarship Fund. As a result, scholarship recipients double as Snow Scholars, enabling them to receive more than financial aid, but also multiple resources from therapy assistance and financial education to career development aid, and much more!

Scholarship eligibility

There is no minimum GPA requirement, nor minimum SAT or ACT test score needed to receive this scholarship. This scholarship is specifically for students that want to attend college, have severe financial need that may prevent them from attending and are living with a mental health condition.

Please note: Only high school seniors attending a High School in Palm Beach County, Blanche Ely High School or Pompano Beach High School are eligible to apply to this scholarship. We are planning for expansion in the coming years, but do not have the resources today to provide this scholarship beyond the noted demographic areas.


You are able to donate on behalf of your company or as an individual. These donations can be made on a recurring basis, or as a one time donation. Every penny counts and we thank you for your help in supporting our next scholarship recipient.