Zulna Heriscar

Graduated Emory University, MBA 2012

Microsoft Corporation
East Region Local Government Sales & Partner Engagement Manager

“With the funding that I received from the George Snow Scholarship Fund, I enabled my parents to realize that their labor and the hardships they faced in coming to an unknown land were not in vain. The organization’s funding blessed me with the opportunity to develop and soar during my matriculation at Florida A&M University. I was able to devote my time and countless hours to pursue my passion in technology, law and business. This aided me in graduating in the top 10% of my Computer Science class positioning me for a career with Microsoft. I am forever grateful to the Snow organization for the funding, encouragement and support that has been provided to my family and I. I appreciate Mr. Tim Snow and the team because they truly helped to change the trajectory of my life by seeing more in me than I saw in myself in 1999 when I was awarded my first Snow Scholarship. Thank you!”

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