85 Local Scholars Receive More Than $633,000

On Thursday, June 5, 2015, The George Snow Scholarship Fund celebrated its 32nd Anniversary in true festive fashion by awarding over $633,000.00 in scholarships to 85 deserving scholarship recipients during their 2014 Annual Awards Reception.  This year’s event was generously underwritten by the Seminole Region Club Managers Charity Golf Tournament Committee, Karleen and Elias Janetis, Amy and Mike Kazma, Steve Bagdan Charitable Foundation, the R.A Ritter Foundation, Kaufman Lynn Construction and CBIZ Meridian. “Because of the contributions from our sponsors, we were able to host this wonderful event at no cost to our fund, the scholarship recipients or their guests,” stated Tim Snow, President of The George Snow Scholarship Fund.

“This is an extremely important and significant event for the Scholarship Fund and our supporters,” Snow said, “It is the culmination of a year’s worth of hard work and fund-raising events, all designed to raise much needed funding for scholarships; which will support these most worthy young people over the next four years. I am amazed at the quality of individuals who receive our awards; they are amazing young people who have worked hard to accomplish all that they have. There is no question that they will make us all very proud.”

In addition to financial assistance, each Snow scholar received a gift bag filled with items they can use while away at college including a new HP laptop computer or a $260.00 college supply stipend. Among the other items donated were a duffle bag, a LED flash light, a flash drive, a Mr. Coffee maker and Throw Warmer was donated by Jarden Consumer Solutions of Boca Raton, a Microsoft Office Professional productivity suite donated by Microsoft Inc., First Aid Kit donated by Boca Raton Regional Hospital, and Bar Charts donated quick reference charts on various subjects. Additional items and various school supplies were underwritten by supporters of the Scholarship Fund. Overall, the gifts the Snow Scholars received were valued at over $900.00.

In addition to the educational scholarships and college supplies awarded, each year the Fund recognizes one special recipient who represents volunteerism, generosity, commitment, and unselfishness; the award is known as the Robert S. Howell Spirit of Service Award. A little over six years ago, the George Snow Scholarship Fund and the Boca Raton Community lost a long time friend and supporter, Bob Howell, to cancer. Bob Howell holds a special place in the history of the George Snow Scholarship Fund. He was a founding trustee of the Fund, serving on the fund’s organizational committee and later serving as Chairman of the Board. He was a major factor in the successes they have today.

The winner of this year’s Award is someone who reflects these same qualities. He is the perfect recipient of the Robert S. Howell Spirit of Service Award. He embodies all that this award was established to represent. The Fund’s 2014 recipient is Stephen L. Haskins, CFO of Kaufman Lynn Construction.

“He has been a longtime supporter of the George Snow Scholarship Fund in many ways. He has not only contributed financially, but he has given his time and talents above and beyond what would be expected of anyone. He has had his hand in most everything we do, from sitting on our Selection Committee and being team captain on one of our interview teams to Volunteering at our Annual Cowboy Ball, to contributing annually to this event and our computer program and being a lead contributor to our capital campaign as well as sitting on our Board of Trustees. He was a huge help when we built or new offices and he made that experience an amazing one for me. He is an advocate for our organization but he also serves as an example to the young people we serve. Not only is Steve a wonderful supporter of the Scholarship Fund but he has become a trusted advisor and a great friend.  The George Snow Scholarship Fund is fortunate to have Steve Haskins as part of our family.” Stated Tim Snow, President of The George Snow Scholarship Fund.

The George Snow Scholarship Fund, a Boca Raton-based 501(c)3 Public Charity, provides educational grants to some of our areas brightest and most deserving young scholars. These scholarships are four-year commitments and are designed to bridge the gap between other financial aid and what the scholar and their families can afford. In addition, the Scholarship Fund provides programs and services designed to benefit their scholars. No other organization of this kind provides so much support to its scholarship recipients.

The Fund was established in 1982 as a memorial to George Snow, a Boca Raton developer who lost his life in a helicopter accident in 1980.  Mr. Snow always stressed the importance of education and was active in trying to help those individuals who were trying to help themselves. These same ideals are those that shape the mission of the George Snow Scholarship Fund.

The George Snow Scholarship Fund also administrates scholarships for other individuals, corporations, organizations and foundations including the Schmidt Family Foundation< The Batchelor Foundation and the Lily Brentano Foundation Scholarship Program, to name a few.

Known as experts in scholarship administration, the George Snow Scholarship Fund has developed a reputation for creating innovative programs which address the educational needs of those in our community.

For additional information please call the Scholarship Fund at (561) 347-6799 or visit https://scholarship.org/