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When you receive a scholarship from the George Snow Scholarship Fund, you become a part of our family. You can count on us to help you in anyway we can.

If you are having trouble finding what you are looking for, please contact our staff:

Leslie Cornwell or Channon Ellwood

Phone: 561.347.6799



Each semester, you must complete and upload your funding requirements to GradSnapp.

Click Here to access your GradSnapp account.

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    Fall Semesters - Due September 15th

    • Fall Term Survey
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    • Financial Aid Award Letter
    • Unofficial Transcripts

    Spring Semesters - Due January 15th

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    • Thank You Letter
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Funding Documents and Emergency Fund Application for Current Snow Scholars

Funding Documents

Funding Documents 

Students with the following scholarships must submit Funding Documents each semester: 

  • Admirals Cove Educational Scholarship
  • Margaret V. and Mary A. Van Wiele Scholarship
  • Scholarship/Tuition For Employees at Polo
  • The T. Leroy Jefferson Medical Society Scholarship

In order to receive funding from the George Snow Scholarship Fund, you must fill out and submit a Funding Document. This is required each semester even if you are not taking a disbursement.

Due Dates:

Fall Disbursements:         September 15

Spring Disbursements:    January 15

Click Here To Complete a Funding Document 

  • All scholars must submit a Funding Document even if you are not taking a disbursement.
  • Remember your school will need at least three weeks to process your disbursement. Do not wait until the last minute to request a disbursement!
  • Due to year end accounting issues, no checks will be written between December 10 and January 1 of each year.
  • It is the responsibility of the Scholar to supply all required information.
  • The Scholarship Fund will make ONE attempt to contact you in the event that you do not submit all documents necessary to process your request for funding. This does not apply to scholars who DO NOT attempt to submit any of their documents. We will only contact those scholars who have started their requirements, but are still missing documents. 

If you have any questions, please contact Channon Ellwood (, Leslie Cornwell or call (561) 347-6799.


Emergency Fund Application

Emergency Fund Application

Thanks to a generous, ongoing donation from the Steve Bagdan Charitable Foundation, the George Snow Scholarship Fund will now be able to further help Snow Scholars in need. The objective of the George Snow Scholarship Emergency Fund is to provide a resource for current Snow Scholars, whereby they can apply for financial assistance which will help them manage unexpected hardships and challenges during their educational careers.

Rolling applications will be accepted throughout the year. All eligible applications will be reviewed by the Emergency Fund Review Committee. The Committee will make every effort to act on each application as quickly as possible. The decisions to assist students will be based on established criteria, need and funding available at the time of application.

To determine if you are eligible for emergency funds, please carefully review the program criteria listed below.

**The Emergency Fund is only available to current Snow Scholars**

It is important that an applicant understands the intent of the Emergency Fund before applying for funding.

  • The application should be made only by individuals with verifiable situations.
  • Funding will be based on financial need.
  • Scholars cannot be reimbursed for previous expenses. Funding must be disbursed directly to the merchant requiring payment. 

If the Review Committee questions whether a request meets the criteria mentioned above, the underwriters of the Emergency Fund may be contacted to advise the Review Committee on the suitability of the requested funding.

Payment of the grant will be made directly to the company or institution which is the provider of the service. 


  • A scholar may need emergency medical treatment that required payment at the time the services were rendered.
  • A scholar may have to pay for travel to tend to a dire family emergency or to attend the funeral of an immediate family member (mother/father/brother/sister) and may not have time to apply for a grant from the Fund prior to the travel date.

Presentation of receipts and/or invoices will be required prior to payment of the grant.

Click here to fill out our Emergency Fund Application

Scholar Support Services

The belief that what we, as scholarship providers, offer to our scholars in the form of Scholar Support Services is just as, if not
more valuable, than the financial commitment we make to them. Our Scholars become a part of our family and we do for them what we would all do for our own sons and daughters. The George Snow Scholarship Fund is nationally recognized for its creative and innovative Scholar Support Services. No other scholarship provider does as much for their scholars.

Scholar Support Services currently include:

College Care Packages
For students with little or no support at home, college can be a difficult and daunting journey especially in times of stress during midterm and final exams. Each Fall our Scholars receive a package filled with fresh baked brownies or cookies and other tasty treats along with a note of encouragement.

College Physicals

College Physical Program
Through a partnership with the Boca Raton Regional Hospital, our Scholars can have their college physical performed by a hospital physician. In addition, they may receive any needed vaccinations or inoculations such as meningitis and tetanus. 

College Makeovers
Thanks to a generous donation of services from Back Bay Hair, Scholars can get haircuts and hair coloring prior to their first semester in college. This allows the students to enter college with a positive self-image and extra confidence. 


College Supply Gift Bags
Each Scholar receives a gift bag containing valuable products they can use during their first year at college including school and dorm supplies. These are quality products which are either donated to or purchased by The George Snow Scholarship Fund.

Computers and College Supply Program
Scholars, in addition to their financial award, have the option of choosing either a laptop computer or a cash college supply stipend. 

Emergency Fund

Emergency Fund
Each Scholar has access to our Emergency Fund. The purpose of this Fund is to provide a resource for Snow Scholars that will help them manage unexpected and nonrecurring hardships such as sudden medical or travel expenses due to a family emergency.

Essential Life Seminar Series
We offer essential life seminars that help our Scholars stand out against their peers and feel more safe and comfortable stepping into their new, unknown surroundings. This year we held CPR classes for our Scholars to get CPR certified, and self defense classes, both at no cost to them. We are looking forward to expanding our menu of seminars offered to our Scholars in the near future.

leslie and scholar

Guidance from Scholar Support Staff
Scholarship Fund staff members are dedicated to helping our scholars. Our staff members are in constant contact with with students and provide support and resources on an on-going basis throughout the year. Snow Scholars are given the cell phone numbers and email addresses of staff and are encouraged to reach out for any reason. Staff members treat the Scholars as family and do everything they can to help students through rough patches either in school or in their personal lives. Staff also monitor each students' progress and work with students who may be falling behind. 

High School to College: Tools for a Successful Transition
This innovative program educates our Scholars on the many challenges and changes in lifestyle and environment they will experience entering their first year of college. By the time they begin college, they are educated consumers of higher education.

High School to College

Internship Program
Thanks to a generous grant from The Sokol Foundation, we proudly kicked off our paid internship program this Summer. Snow Scholars were selected for paid internship positions and paired with local nonprofit organizations. Our Scholars benefit by gaining valuable work experience in fields that are related to their majors. Local nonprofit organizations receive the benefit of our Scholars' hard work and youthful insights, at no cost to them. A win-win for all involved.

Senior Portraits 
Many of our Scholars cannot afford to have senior photos taken at their high school. Each year during the students' interviews, we create a studio in our office and take a professional photo of them. Students receive a printed and digital copy for their own use.

Senior Photo

Financial Aid and Student Debt

Navigating the College Financial Aid maze can be a daunting task, even for the most educated and sophisticated individuals. This booklet is designed to give readers an overview of College Financial Aid, and educate students and their families on how to avoid massive student debt after college graduation. Your investment of time in understanding the Financial Aid process will pay huge dividends in the form of increased aid and reduced student debt.

Alumni Resources

Welcome back to the Snow Scholar Family. We have a variety of ways to stay connected.

Check out the links below, for more information feel free to contact us at or 561.347.6799

Alumni LinkedIn Group Page

Connect with fellow Snow Scholar Alumni on LinkedIn to expand your professional network, connect with like minded people, share and find employment and internship opportunities.

Graduate School Scholarship

In our continuing efforts to better serve our scholarship recipients, the George Snow Scholarship Fund has created a graduate school scholarship so that Snow Scholars can pursue advanced degrees.

Alumni Spotlight 

Our alumni spotlight highlights the impressive accomplishments of our scholars. Our donors love to see the impact of their scholarship funds and this website shows off the Scholarship funds best and brightest. Click Alumni Spotlight above to fill out our application.

Serve on the Scholarship Selection Committee

 The Scholarship Selection Committee reviews all applications for scholarships. Each selection committee member is assigned a certain amount of applications they then read, review, and rank according to specific criteria. Alumni wishing to serve on the selection committee must have been out of college for at least 2 years before you are eligible to serve on this committee.

Please contact Leslie Cornwell, Vice President of Scholar Services,  at or at 561.347.6799 if you are interested in helping out.

Monday's Motivational Message Archive

Need some extra motivation to get you through a tough time? We have archived all of our popular Monday Motivational Messages.

Lost Alumni Project

We need help finding alumni that we have lost contact with.  This opportunity requires you to commit 5 hours of volunteer service to the George Snow Scholarship Fund, helping us to track down lost alumni. Please contact Liz Branagh at or 561.347.6799 if you are interested in helping out.

Donate To The Annual Fund

We ask that scholars consider making at least a $50 contribution to the annual fund. These dollars help support our current Snow Scholars.