Support the George Snow Scholarship Fund

What began as a memorial to one philanthropic and devoted man has become a community asset – an alliance of individuals, corporations, private foundations, and community service organizations who share the belief that education is the key to a better life for the young people we serve. Providing scholarship funds is easy. Dedicating ourselves to helping each student graduate from college, define their career path, and identify and reach their goals is the focus and challenge for our staff. Beyond receiving scholarships and financial aid, these students become a member of the George Snow Scholarship Fund Family. Everything we do is guided by the question, “what would be do for our own sons and daughers?”

Help us ensure that no student is deprived of an education because of a shortage of funds or lack of support. Donate today.

3B Society

With the creation of the Boca’s Ballroom Battle Alumni Dancer Society, coined the 3B Society, our goal is to stay connected with the wonderful people involved in the organization. 100% of your contribution will go towards scholarships and support services to help deserving local students. The need for scholarships is an all-time high, with applications up over 15% from last year.  Our goal is to provide as many scholarships as possible through this elite group.

Aaron Johnson Scholarship

The Aaron Johnson Scholarship was created by and for students in order to expand access to higher education for underrepresented high school seniors. The focus is on closing the academic achievement gap for students who, historically, have not had equitable opportunities in education.

Dr. McNeely Dream (M.D.) Project Scholarship

Founded by Snow Scholar Alumni Dr. Emmanuel McNeely and Dr. Sa’Rah McNeely, this scholarship was created for pre-medical students from racial or ethnic backgrounds that are underrepresented in medicine.

Mind Over Matter Mental Health Awareness Scholarship

Christina Fuentes, a Snow Scholar Alumni and George Snow Scholarship Fund Board Member, understands the impacts of living with a mental health condition. She has created this scholarship to give back to the community while bringing awareness to the topic of mental health.

The Montecristo Steak Scholarship

Created by Evan Darnell, President of Red Meat Lovers Club and Brad Winstead, President & CEO of Casa de Montecristo, The Montecristo Steak Scholarship was formed to provide support to a George Snow Scholar studying hospitality.