“We know that, as an organization, we are able to fulfill our mission only through the generosity of kind and giving people just like you.”

Tim Snow, President

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Create Your Own Annual Scholarship

If you are considering the creation of a scholarship program, you will need to be aware of the many ongoing and ever changing issues affecting scholarships and student financial aid. If you are currently managing a scholarship program, you are very aware of the many administrative details involved. You can avoid these challenges and the administrative functions associated with them by turning everything over to us; our experience is second to none!

The George Snow Scholarship Fund offers unmatched expertise in each of the following areas:

Program Creation, Promotion, and Publicity

Our staff works closely with each donor to establish meaningful scholarship criteria and promote the availability of your scholarship including:

  • Helping to develop scholarship criteria that meets the philanthropic goals of the donor.
  • Conducting workshops in high schools and community-based organizations to publicize your scholarship opportunity.
  • Supporting students, parents, and counselors with questions regarding the application process.
  • Managing the application process through our online application portal
Providing a Fair & Unbiased Selection Process

The George Snow Scholarship Fund benefits from an outstanding group of more than 60 community leaders who serve as trained volunteers on our Scholarship Selection Committee and review all applications for your scholarship. The Selection Committee is composed of educators, doctors, lawyers, businessmen and women, former scholars, and other professionals. Most committee members have served for many years and have a great deal of experience in our process. All share a passion for helping others. Below are just a few of the tasks required to ensure a fair and unbiased selection process.

  • Based on Selection Committee results, we determine who will move on to the interview phase of the process.
  • We notify, schedule, and coordinate candidate interviews with interviewees and Interview Committee.
  • We conduct a financial need analysis and verify tax and academic documentation.
  • We allocate scholarships based on need and criteria established by donor.
  • We notify applicants who did not score high enough to be granted an award.
  • We notify scholarship winners and issue letters of commitment.
  • We host and conduct an Annual Awards Reception where scholarship providers can meet their scholars and their families.
Prudent Management of Scholarship Funds

Most donors are not aware that “Award Displacement” occurs when a recipient of one form of financial aid, such as a private scholarship, leads to a reduction in other forms of student financial aid. Unfortunately, this is a common practice at many colleges and universities. Every year, many unsuspecting scholarship donors and scholarship recipients fall victim to this practice, but NOT your scholars. Our staff  works tirelessly to ensure your scholars maximize their financial aid award and avoid the displacement of scholarship funds by their college or university. We have developed relationships with financial aid officers at many universities and have a variety of strategies to make sure your scholarship funds benefit the student, not the university. We coordinate with each college’s Financial Aid Office regarding the most efficient and effective use of your student’s award, being sure to avoid displacement of funds and:

  • Ensuring that scholars are not over-awarded
  • Verifying student enrollment status each semester prior to distributing funds
  • Being available to each scholar to assist with financial aid needs and special circumstances that may arise
  • Donors receive a Scholar Report outlining scholar’s disbursements and progress
New Scholar Orientation and the High School to College: Tools for a Successful Transition Program

This innovative program educates your scholarship recipients on the many challenges and changes in lifestyle and environment they will experience entering their first year of college. The concept behind the program is that once they get through four years of college, they will know “how” the system works. Unfortunately, by that time, it is too late to use this knowledge to their own benefit. We want to communicate that knowledge to your scholarship recipients before entering their first semester of school and let them enter college with the benefit of having learned the easy way what others had to learn the hard way

Scholar Support Services

It is our belief that what we provide to your scholars in the form of programs and services can be just as valuable as the financial commitment you make to them. With this in mind, The George Snow Scholarship Fund has created and implemented a series of programs designed to enhance and maximize your scholar’s college experience. We provide a support system that many of our scholars are lacking at home. Below are just a few examples of the of programs that are available to your Scholars

  • College Care Packages
  • Career Development Program
  • College Physical Program
  • College Supply Gift Bags
  • Computers and College Supply Program
  • Emergency Fund
  • Free Mental Health and Guidance Services
  • Guidance from Scholar Support Staff
  • Snow Family Networking Platform
  • Scholar Closet
  • Monday Morning Motivational Message
  • Senior Portraits

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The Snow Education Endowment

THE SNOW EDUCATION ENDOWMENT is a community asset that provides hope and opportunity to our area’s brightest and most talented youth. The endowment funds come from the generosity of donors’ legacy gifts, which are then invested. The income earned from these investments provides annual scholarships and support services to Snow Scholars.

Your contribution to the Snow Education Endowment is more than a donation. It is an investment in our future, and the impact of these donations is felt not only in South Florida, but also around the world. Year after year, Snow Scholars graduate from college excited and eager to establish their careers and give back to the community. Donors to the Snow Education Endowment become members of the Founders Society and are helping to build an enduring foundation of support for the educational mission of the George Snow Scholarship Fund. Check out the Founders Society webpage for more information.

The goal of the Snow Education Endowment is to build an enduring foundation for the educational mission of the George Snow Scholarship Fund.

The Snow Education Endowment includes the following funds:

The General Scholarship Fund

The General Scholarship Fund is used exclusively to support scholarships and scholarship support services. These funds are awarded, as four-year commitments, to the most deserving students. They are designed to bridge the gap between financial aid granted by colleges, as well as state and federal aid sources and what the recipients’ families need in order to afford college.

Named Endowment Funds

A Named Endowment Fund gives donors the opportunity to create a perpetual scholarship fund that will, annually, support a scholar in your family’s name and memory. When you create an endowment, not only are you showing appreciation for your family or loved ones, but it could also give you the opportunity to help like-minded individuals succeed who have chosen your same career path. 

Current Named Endowed Scholarships

Arts Scholarship
Barbara Ann Harrison Memorial Scholarship
Clyde W. Davis Memorial Scholarship
Edward R. Bohne Cougar Pride Scholarship
Grant Markfield Memorial Scholarship
Jean Spence Scholarship
Ken A. Day Scholarship
Margaret V. and Mary A. Van Wiele Scholarship
Margaux’s Memorial Scholarship
Mary Babione Veccia Memorial Scholarship
Melissa Ann Bass Memorial Scholarship
Rachel E. McMillan Memorial Scholarship
Sons of Italy Sgt. F. M. Bonanno Lodge Don Angie Seta Memorial Scholarship

Scholar Support Services Fund

This fund ensures that each Snow Scholar has the tools and support needed to finish school. Scholars need more than just financial resources to reach their goals, they also require ongoing support and encouragement. Our staff has developed innovative programs that address those needs and greatly improve each scholars’ chances of graduating.

Alumni Endowed Scholarship Fund

The George Snow Scholarship Fund is very proud of their alumni, all they have accomplished, and all the ways that they give back. One of the many ways they give back is by contributing to the Alumni Endowed Scholarship Fund.

Memorial Sites

Each of the very special people listed below have, through their passing, created a lasting legacy that will forever keep their memories alive. While each is an individual, all share a common love for knowledge and education. The George Snow Scholarship is fortunate to play a small part in the continuance of their legacies and encourage you to learn more about these fine people and the goodness of their hearts by reading more about them. We are proud to be a part of their memories.